Bringing Back the Pocket Square

Fashion trends are constantly changing, but it is also important to realize that most style trends are cyclical. This means that what was trendy in the past normally comes back around again. Nothing is usually dead forever, which brings us to the topic of pocket squares. This style trend is making a huge resurgence in recent years after being nonexistent for a few decades.

What is a Pocket Square?

The small breast pocket on your suit jacket, blazer, sports coat or vest has a purpose and that is to complete your look. A small pocket square has the ability to instantly make you look dapper. Nothing adds the flair and style that a simple piece of fabric known as the pocket square can. This small accessory can make it appear that you have more suits and help you to keep your look updated.

Why not join in on the latest trend that really isn’t all that new?

pocket squares are BACK!

Contrast When Wearing a pocket Square

There really are no rules when it comes to your personal style, but it is important not to match your look completely. You want to add a different element with your pocket square, so it is best to contrast this fabric with the rest of your look.

This means that you should not choose a pocket square that is identical to your tie. Try to have a little more adventure by matching a striped blue tie with a polka dot pocket square pattern in a contrasting color. It is also important to not pick a pocket square color that matches your suit. If you have a navy suit, you should opt for a bold pocket square like an emerald green.

You can be subtle or over the top, but always remember that contrasting is your goal.


Get adventurous !

The best part about wearing pocket squares is that you have the ability to be playful and try out different looks. You should not be afraid to wear bold colors or fun patterns. Silk pocket squares often are made of the highest quality and look the best in formal suits, but you can purchase pocket squares in a variety of fabrics.

There are even fabric pocket squares that are designed for more casual wear. With so many different options to choose from there is no excuse to not join in on this reoccurring timeless trend.

What to do next?

Here is a little challenge for you.

If you’ve NEVER tried a Pocket Square, why not wear next time you wear a Suit. Just give it a try. We are sure you gonna get addicted. That easily.

Go grab some nice Pochettes at our shop, and thanks us later, old sport.


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