Business Pocket Squares, What Most People Don’t Tell You…

Pocket squares can really put the finishing touches on your outfit. This is as true in the business world as anywhere else. Before you start stressing over what sorts of business pocket squares are right for what occasions, let us help.

Here, we will talk about what attributes to look for in business pocket squares when it comes to color. Then, we will talk about folds for business style. Lastly, we will give you one example fold that you can nearly always rely on, no matter the situation.

Ready? Let’s GO!

business pocket square

What to Look for In Style

Do not get too caught up in the fashion does and don’ts when it comes to choosing business pocket squares.

With something that compliments either your shirt or tie (tie is most common) you will be fine. Just look for a high quality pocket squares in a variety of materials and patterns. Simple solids are easiest to match. White goes with nearly everything. The fashion experts, however, most often recommend the daring use of patterns and unexpected colors. Just decide on whether or not you want to look conservative, or a bit more cutting edge.

pocket square for business

Choosing the right Fold

Choosing the fold is the most important part of making your business pocket squares look good. Keep in mind that while doing business your pocket square should not look too formal. Nor should it look overly informal. Avoid folding your pocket square in such a way that it makes the pocket bulge. Also avoid folding it to that corners and edges are visible and sticking out all over the place. If you go through the extra trouble to look polished with a pocket square, be sure it looks like you really mean it. This is especially important to keep in mind in the office.


One Example Fold for a Business pocket square

There is one example fold that always works in the workplace. Fold your pocket square in half two times. The first time should be folded the long way, and the second the short way. Fold it over into a rectangle. Slide into your pocket in such a way that you can see all the edges. Take a few moments to fiddle with it until you feel it is exactly right. Fan it out, if you would like. Show off those edges.

Now, you are ready for a hectic day in the office, or a big meeting in the boardroom.

And always remember: Be classy. Be glamorous.

Until the next time!


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