Get rid of that stuffed wallet and slide into the sleek sophistication of a card holder

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Imagine this: You’re meeting with a potential client. Your look is impeccable. Your clothes and accessories give just the right impression. Over lunch at a fashionable restaurant, you negotiate your terms with ease and intelligence. Then the bill comes.

You take out your wallet. But instead of it being as sharp-looking as the rest of you, it’s an enormous hunk of what might be leather. The material is bulging with its contents, so that it’s a distorted mass. Or maybe yours is cloth, straining and tattered at the seams. Whatever it’s made of, it’s like you’ve given your client a glimpse of something unsightly. Maybe you’re not as put-together as they thought you were.

Here’s another scenario: You’re on your first date with someone who makes your heart beat like no one else. The dinner is perfect – the food and drinks are great, the conversation even better, and the chemistry is hotter than the ovens in the kitchen.

The bill comes and you take out your wallet, your eyes locked with your beloved across the table. You break contact just for a moment to look for your credit card…where is it in there….? Your date glances down and sees a dirty-looking lump full of cards and receipts, ticket stubs, everything just sticking out all over the place. It’s almost as bad as them seeing you in dirty underwear.
When you think about it, the wallet is one of the most innovative accessories around. It’s a small object that lets you carry the essentials of your life with you. But over time, some of us have lost that “small” concept.

Today, many men and women suffer from SWS – stuffed wallet syndrome. Do you?
SWS isn’t just an aesthetic issue: a fat wallet can affect everything from the image you project, to the condition of your clothes, and even your health.
Some of the symptoms of SWS are easy for those afflicted to recognize (if they’re willing to acknowledge them, that is). But others are more subtle, like how that ugly, bulging accessory is taking some of the glow off the good impression you’re making.

Let’s talk about some other symptoms. Do you have a back pants pocket that’s worn out? The seams towards the top are struggling to stay attached. Maybe some have come undone completely.
Are you stressed whenever you get to the cash register because you have to desperately pick through the contents of your stuffed wallet to find your credit card?

Today, many men and women suffer from SWS – stuffed wallet syndrome. Do you?

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